Pallet protection Why use a professional packaging?

How to ensure your customers are satisfied with the transportation of your goods?

Using pallets to transport goods is the norm. Questioning the quality of their wrapping is not. The hidden costs deriving from returned goods, transport insurance and unhappy customers should help steer you towards an effective solution: shrink-wrap.

A protective packaging for your pallets is now a key to sell your goods a little further, to win new export contract and be sure your customers will be satisfied. A protective packaging can also be easily recycable when is based on 1 material as the LDPE of our shrink-wrap. Welcome to a new vision of your packaging, a strong protection of your pallets with innovative Ripack tools.

Find the right solution for your needs

My products to be packed ?

Pallet and shrink hoods,
the best partners for a high protection of our products

Pallets make it possible to group goods together in order to make them easier to transport and store. Pallets are changing in order to withstand heavy loads, fragile loads and be water-resistant. In order to ensure the load remains in good condition, it is essential to keep it on the pallet.

There are many solutions available, with stretch film leading the way. This solution protects light loads during short/standard journeys. Stretch film doesn’t provide protection against rain or stability when used for long distances that involve transshipment.

Hoop or strapping systems do keep the load very secure but don’t provide any barrier against the rain and can damage boxes if they are secured too tightly.
Shrink-wrap makes it possible to enclose and seat the load on the pallet whilst protecting it from rain. One single operation, one single material and your load is protected.

Ask for a trial and make a test of the best protective packaging for pallets.


The shrink film
for pallets in detail

One of the requirements for a good logistics service is being able to identify the load, scan barcodes, upon arrival. Shrink-wrap is completely transparent and protects the labels on each box.

It also makes it possible to see whether there is any damage or goods that have been stolen upon delivery. It is difficult to see through many layers of stretch film but it couldn’t be easier with shrink-wrap.

Please ask one of our partners in your region for a test.

Ripack Find the ideal solution

Whether you are sending one-off items or large quantities on a daily basis, Ripack has the solution to meet your needs for protecting your goods in shrink film. Tell us what you need and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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